19 February 2012

Must remember to pay closer attention to weather warnings in future

On our way from Florida to New Orleans, we decided to spend the night in Mobile, Alabama as it was conveniently located and there was something appealing about staying in a place pronounced Mo-beel.  One night became two when we woke in the morning to rather ominous skies, and spending the day "at home" proved to be one of our more sensible decisions. The morning progressed, the rain got steadily heavier and the wind more violent as we caught up on email etc and Gil sprung a new leak forcing Brad to make a mad dash outside with paper towel and duct tape while I mopped up inside with a real towel.  Shortly after we heard a siren and a spot of Googling revealed it was in fact a tornado alert and one had touched down just a few blocks from us.      

At our campground in New Orleans, Louisiana, we met a couple from the UK spending 9 weeks travelling in a camper van.  They were the first couple we've met under 30 during our trip (truthfully, they're probably the first couple we've met who haven't been old enough to be our parents, but that's a minor technicality) proving that life on the road is not just for the retired as we'd though.  A fun and rather boozy night was spent with them on Bourbon Street, I provided slightly more entertainment than I wish to recall and shall not be divulging further details of my downfall.  However, I did wake up the following morning with an assortment of unaccounted for bruises and Brad with these:
(that "fish bowl" once contained alcohol)
Bourbon Street itself was lacking the style/class we expected and was far more seedy and drunken (no, it wasn't just us) with a much older crowd than you'd normally see getting gross at bars.  Frenchmen Street where we ventured after I'd got over my hangover a few days later was much closer to our expectations.  

Here are some my favourite photos from the French Quarter.  

Mardi Gras was a week or so after we visited

We hear street preaching is hard work

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