21 February 2012

Everything really is bigger in Texas

When we were leaving Florida, we spotted this guy who we thought had all possible land based transport options covered:
In case it's not clear from the above photo, that's a motorbike in between the RV and car:
But then (in national park in Texas I might add) we spotted this guy: 
Very handy for covering that other essential holiday pursuit .... hauling a container of merchandise for Wal-mart. 
Yes, that is indeed a semi with bike mounted on the front, towing a "fifth wheel" as they are called over here, with a jeep in the middle. And before you suggest that the owner uses this semi in his occupation, please note the writing on the door:
Mounted on the back of the fifth wheel was a pair of bicycles and a full size ladder which we later learnt was to climb onto the roof and set up an array of solar panels.

We also saw this model of motor home (or bus as we like to call them) in a campground the other day (these next two are images I've borrowed from here, in the event you wish to acquire one all of your very own):
What's so special about that you ask? Well it's a Roof Patio 390! And we'll admit, we're just a little bit envious.

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