20 September 2011

Crosscountry(ies) Road Tripping Part III

In Chicago we cheated on Gil for the first time, and spent a few nights in a hotel, nothing fancy and it was long way out in the 'burbs, but we were garunteed of parking for Gil and there was something novel about having a bed we didn't have to vault into.

Chicago was an awesome city and got us to thinking we might actually quite like proper apartment living in the right place. But I fear we didn't do it justice. Having spent so long in national parks and other assorted bits of wilderness we felt some what lost and couldn't remember how to “do” a city. We wandered around, took a boat trip, took in the architecture, ate (Chicago pizza is weird, we didn't like it at all). I think that's how you do a city right?

Sadly, the Art Institute of Chicago appears deceptively small from the outside, and so we arrived a little late in the day to spend the amount of time we needed and it fully deserved.
Brad  (on sculpture): I'd put that in my backyard.
Brad (coming back after going ahead of me into the next room of a kimono exhibit): Suse, come quick, there's a '70s party kimono. (I must tell you as this point, the kimonos were from 1915 to 1940).My highlight of the day, apart from Brad's comments, was seeing some of Monet's water lillies which I have long admired, without having to jostle for position and close enough to touch (don't worry I didn't) including this one: Water Lilies, 1906

(For the record, Brad is not an uneducated in the world of art, some of it he quite likes, he just says funny things in art galleries)

..... note to self: When in New York, plan to arrive major art galleries at opening time and leave at closing.

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