15 September 2011

Crosscountry(ies) Road Tripping Part II

In this part of the trip there has been very little hiking and quite a lot more eating, for anyone expecting the svelte, buff editions of Brad and Susanna when we arrive home for a visit next month, I must inform you will be disappointed. Likewise, if you're hoping for more misadventures or even a touch of amusement from this update, you are also in for further disappointment, but so you can stop wondering where we are and what we've been doing, here is the next installment.

From the border we spent a night in the middle of the Mississippi, no our feet didn't get wet, it was on an island and there were lots of mosquitoes. We travelled through dairy country with quaint farmhouses and roadside stalls selling excess produce, we had cheese curds direct from the factory (I called them breakfast) and continued on for a late lunch at a Scandinavian inspired place, known for the their pie. Of course we therefore had to try the pie and probably should of skipped the main course, as the slices were huge and contained everything you'd expect of an American pie.

The following day, we decided to pretend we were younger than we really are and spent the day at a water park in the Wisconsin Dells. I believe I exceeded Brad's expectations, by going on most (although not all) of the slides and only being marginally scared. Brad going “oh my gosh, I can't tell what's happening” in a pitch black tunnel was particularly unhelpful mind you.

We then continued on to Milwaukee where another late lunch was had, this time of frozen custard. It exceeded all expectations and I will now spend the rest of my life searching for purveyors of frozen custard. We progressed on to Great Lakes Distillery, a micro-distillery in Milwaukee, where we learnt about the distilling process then sampled pretty much all of their spirits and learnt the proper way to serve absinthe, it's actually really nice when mixed 1:2 with iced water which has been added at a slow drip. No, we did not spend hours drinking, this was a civilised tasting like tasting wine at a winery (yes, when I taste wine it's civilised).

I had wanted to include a map with this update, but it seems the 365 days maps department has resigned without telling the rest of the team, so no maps for you. Complaints may be sent to bradsemailaddress@gmail.com.

Part III coming soon (I'd promise but we all know how good I am at keeping promises relating to this blog).

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