16 July 2011

Should we be doing a bit more planning?

Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are very close together, essentially you exit one and enter the other. This should have meant moving from one into the other, for a week of more of national park fun. Unfortunately, during another moment of planning failure, we reached the end of our visit to Grand Teton with insufficient fresh fruit and vegetables for any time in Yellowstone. When I say insufficient, I don't mean we were short a few things, we literally had a plum, a potato and a rather sorry looking stalk of celery. Yum! So we detoured via Yellowstone (a detour which resulted in a roadside sighting of another piece of big ticket wildlife) to the nearest town with a hope of having a supermarket, Cody, Wyoming. Cody's slogan is “Cody is rodeo”, so what else were we to do, but attend the night rodeo which runs every night for about three months, something they're also quite proud of. Somewhat to our surprise it was more enjoyable than expected, and whilst some of the events (namely steer roping) seemed cruel, I suspect these are same ones that actually occur in “cowboy real life”.

We managed to secure ourselves seats above the cowboy pen/mounting yard/whatever it's called, so had an excellent view of the dynamics and events behind the scenes as well. Entertaining event of the night went to “invite every child under twelve into the arena, line the 40 plus kids up across it, then let three calves with ribbons tied to their tails loose” with a prize for those who obtained a ribbon. Hilarious when some of the kids were tripping over just getting into the arena.

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