07 June 2011

This is why...

The drive into Kings Canyon showed us really how small we are and presented us with views nothing short of breathtaking. Again I do not have adequate words to describe it, it truly is a king's canyon. Hopefully the photos might go some way to doing it justice. A walk along the valley floor necessitated Brad's implementation of the “photo opportunity” system. Brad always leads the way when walking (something which I resisted at first, but have given up following our prior experiences), this can lead to me disappearing off the path or stopping for a period in search of a photo, and so I am now required to call out “photo opportunity” when stopping so Brad doesn't contemplate sending out a search party.

This same walk confirmed why at 29 and 31 we'd put great careers on hold and spend a year in a 22 by 8 foot space. For anyone who ever questioned why we did this, this is why.

In my memory, Yosemite holds still more beauty, soon we'll see how good my memory is.

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