07 June 2011

Sometimes stealth is required

Memorial Day caught us somewhat by surprise (suppose that's what happens when two 21st century kids don't have access to the internet or phone reception for a week). We'd already decided to wait until after the long weekend to head to Yosemite, figuring it would be busy, but didn't expect that everywhere we tried to camp would be completely full. Adding to this was a “no overnight parking” county by-law meaning we technically couldn't “stop on the side of the road”. This lead to a few nights of enforced “Stealth Camping” (as Brad calls it) – arriving at a spot late in the evening, preferably after dinner, and exhibiting as few signs of life as possible including, not turning on lights and 20 second showers. The first night was spent in a somewhat shady side street across from a community hospital – there were several semis and another RV parked there so we weren't alone. After a day sorting out accommodation locations for nearly the next week, a visit to Monterrey Bay and the Googleplex (imagine Brad's happiness), and a great Thai meal (one isn't allowed to cook when stealth camping) we headed our second stealth spot an observation car park for viewing the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. Brad had researched this location, and found a stay of up to 8 hours permissible – perfect, I didn't plan on sleeping in anyway. The views of the bridge and bay at sunrise were unbeatable and we barely had to leave the bed.

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