23 November 2011

A little catching up

So after my amazing multiple post day at LAX, I've taken over a month off.  Snow is predicted for our current location at any given moment, so we've settled ourselves for a day inside activities including blog updating. 

For anyone who missed it, we went home for a few weeks mistakenly under the impression that it would be a relaxing holiday from our holiday, we'd sort out our photos and finally share more than five, rest, catch up with friends and family etc.  Here's what really happened, not necessarily in order of occurance:  Ate way too much good food, drank too often/much, got looked after by our parents (love you all), watched some good friends get married, visited work (feel free to hurt me, but I realised I really do miss the office), discovered a lot of our friends are pregnant (yikes), celebrated our nephew's first birthday, caught up with not as many friends as we'd hoped and, perhaps most impressively, avoided jet lag on the flight there.  

On returning to Boston, we discovered that autumn had come and gone (apparently the leaf colour wasn't good this year so we didn't miss too much) and winter had arrived.  On our first night back in Gil, we put a second thermometer outside to verify the first's allegation that it was -5 degree Celsius.  This was further verified when Gil's water hose froze over a short time later.  Armed with this information and a lack of suitably warm clothing, we started our southward journey and after a few days visiting with my aunt and uncle, Gil was back on the road again and New York bound.  Okay, so maybe New York isn't exactly the first place that springs to mind in association with southward bound journeys, but there are some places you must visit whilst in the US.   

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