26 May 2011

What's this white stuff doing here?

Our first journey into the Sierra Nevada, saw us come across snow for the first time this trip. Um, Summer starts next week, so what is all this cold, white stuff lying about? After nearly a month of laziness, we decided to ease ourselves back into exercise slowly with our first true wilderness experience, the Trail of One Hundred Giants, a short walk through a grove of giant Sequoia trees. More impressive than the size of the trees themselves (don't get me, wrong, their size was impressive) was the smell, compounded by the crispness of the air. As Brad put it “I feel healthier just from the smell”. The lasting impression the smell will leave is impossible to describe, trust me, I've just spent half an hour trying to find the words, and can't. Think Christmas multiplied by 50, but this is in no way does it justice.

We backed this wholesome experience up by sleeping in a Walmart car park after deciding there'd be a better camp ground than the one near the trees on the way back down this particular slope. There wasn't, in fact we didn't see another camp ground all the way down – we did nearly see my lunch again however, due to the insanity of the road. It's a weird, weird feeling showering in the middle of car park.

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